FRIDAY ROUNDUP Second Quarter Winners

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FRIDAY ROUNDUP Second Quarter Winners

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(Week of 5/24 is missing because I (73337) was out of town)

FIRST: POkerBlu3s, Dakota2, mopar phil, Don Key, Bud,
daurk/, Wild Card, Coyote, dvdhers, 73337, 73337

SECOND: dvdhers, P0kerBlu3s, Wild Card, BIRDDOG4,
annie_mae, 73337, rk22944, Cliff, Bogue.Banks, Cliff,

THIRD: JoeNitro, JoeNitro, Coyote, JoeNitro, Hagan,
Rodzilla11, Tactics, Wild Card, rk22944, daurk/, Dakota2

FOURTH: Dakota2, Wild Card, dvdhers, dvdhers, Coyote,        
Coyote, 73337, dvdhers, RJKrash, Wild Card, dvdhers